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Here are just a few of my favorite fur sites...

Convention Related Websites:
Further Confusion - This is for one of the largest cons in the US. It is fun to attend at least once, but due to the size and the poor cordination, I will probably not return. It is located in the San Francisco area of California.
Califur - The other con in California that I have been to that is in Irvine.
Rainfurrest - This is a great con in the Seattle Area. It is now one of my favorite cons.

Art Related Websites:
Dragon Squared - A company that specializes in furry costumes and artwork. Costumes have been featured in several Hollywood productions.
Furnation - One of the original archives of furry artists and there webpages. A while back I used to host this site in California.
VCL - This is a huge archive of art, stories and more. If furnation is down, go here :P
Fur Affinity - This is probably the largest furry collection on the net.